Structuring Your Affairs


Having a properly constructed Will is vital for any client, and even more so for our typical investors, who have assets in many places and often have complex personal circumstances.

We work closely with professional lawyers to write wills that are both economical and robust. They can be drawn up to give multi-jurisdictional validity, as well as avoiding probate delays in the Philippines, which can be extremely cumbersome.


Trusts are not just about saving taxes, they manage your affairs in accordance with your wishes and help you to structure investments and assets in an efficient manner.

Trusts can be anything from simple structures to extremely complex vehicles.

Our senior advisers work with qualified professionals, when necessary, to structure trusts for our clients.

Company Formation

We work with qualified professionals to establish companies both on and offshore for our clients. Our advisers coordinate the entire process, liaising with legal and tax experts to ensure you enjoy a seamless professional service.