Our job is to help you achieve Financial Freedom, whatever that may mean to you

Whether you are planning for retirement or simply having the choice of working or not, that is to say Financial Freedom, you need a coherent financial plan.

Meyado can help you create a coherent strategy incorporating existing arrangements as well as implementing new structures to accumulate the capital required to meet your financial goals. This will involve careful analysis of the exact amounts of money needed at the various stages of your life and how best to meet those needs using vehicles which will incorporate all of the criteria specific to you. This means using secure, reputable institutions to manage your money, and performance in line with your personal risk profile, flexible investment plans which can change as your life develops, and providing ongoing advice to work with you for the entire term of your investment, should you wish.

We can conduct a complete review of your company pension scheme, government schemes, private arrangements, and give you best advice on any restructuring required and how to take advantage of the tax system in the Philippines to enhance your planning. For those clients who have worked in the UK in the past we can also offer advice on pension transfers and SIPPS.